No agony in the choice of skis

THE best ski does not actually exist, because there are always several models and manufacturers that fit well to a driver. That is why we carry a wide range of the latest ski models. Our competent staff will also advise you in detail on your choice of skis - both in the rental and in the sales department.

Sporty rider, all-round carver, slope racer or beginner? Every type of skier has different demands on "his" ski. Only if this optimally fits the driver, nothing stands in the way of skiing fun.


You want to buy a ski, but you are not sure if it really fits perfectly?

No problem. With us you can test any ski from the sale assortment - with subsequent purchase the ski test is free for you.

4 steps to YOUR personal dream ski

Honest self-assessment is required when it comes to self-analysis of one's own driving skills as well as style. Whether beginner, connoisseur, all-rounder, athlete or racer - there are different, suitable models for every type. With targeted questions we help YOU with your self-analysis.
The type of ski must fit the type of rider. Racecarvers are suitable, for example, for athletes and racers who drive at a brisk pace. Beginners, on the other hand, are better off with a pleasure carver. All-rounders feel comfortable with an off-piste ski or an all-mountain ski. Our staff will be happy to advise YOU in choosing the right ski models for YOU.
From each ski category you can choose from a wide variety of models. With the Test and Buy offer, you can test and try your ski first before deciding to buy.
To choose the right ski length, it hardly depends on the body size. Much more important are skiing ability, type of slope and preferred speed.